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Simple solutions

Nature problems

Air pollution, Global warming, Drought, Floods, Plastic waste

National problems

Poverty, Corruption, Black money, Terrorism, Population & Malnourishment, Village development, Rivers inter-linking

Local problems

Traffic, City biodiversity, Mosquitoes

Health problems

Polio, Obesity, Inherited diseases, Incurable diseases, Healthy body

Mind problems

Mind, Multi-personality, Concentration, Capability, Meditation, Learn learning

Spiritual problems

God, Spirituality, Religion, Purpose of life

Proposals of Sitaram Naik

Thinking power, Election process

Letters of Sitaram Naik

United Nations, NGOs, Individuals

Services offered

Polio treatment, Full health counselling, Air pollution control, Drought control, Village development, Software consultant

About Sitaram Naik

Biography, Meaning of Sitaram Naik, Quotations, Spirituality

This site is inaugurated on National Youth Day (India), 12 Jan '12.
This site is prepared and maintained by Sitaram Naik. Suggestions are welcome.
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